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One of the most touted games in college basketball this season will take place when UNLV Basketball takes on the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNL). Rebels in 2017-18 NCAA men's basketball tournament The tournament has been held at Mandalay Bay Arena since its opening on 18 September 2017, but has been relocated due to the COVID 19 pandemic this year and will be played in front of a sell-out crowd of over 1,000 fans. Both teams will play for the first time since the arena opened, with the first game taking place on Saturday, October 7 at 7: 30pm ET.

The move to the City of National allowed the Rebels to move the program for the 2017-18 season to the Mandalay Bay Arena in Las Vegas. The team sums up what Vegas has earned them, not only being good but also great. There is unlikely to be a college basketball team like UNLV, and they have been rolling since the new arena opened last October.

Here are some suggestions for a new nickname and mascot to separate the rebel's past from UNLV's past. Keep the same nickname, but change the mascot or whatever the original thought is of what a rebel is, which they most likely will do, or change it to something else.

Originally branded a UNLV rebel in a silly-confederate way, they gave it a reboot a few years ago with a new name and logo.

After defeating Georgia Tech, the Runnin 'Rebels lost to Oregon in the first round of the BCS National Championship. Arizona moved back into the 10-man zone with a 16th-straight win over Iowa (11-0) and a 12-1 victory in its last home game against Arizona State.

UNLV has now won three games in a row and improved to 7-8 in the Mountain West Conference, including 2-0 in Conference USA. UNLV has now won eight of its last nine games in the conference, including wins against New Mexico and Utah State. UNVM had won only two games at the start of the game, both at home against Arizona State, with only the two wins coming in single digits.

The Rebels' toughest game came last week when Ball State hung hard and lost 69-67, but the Rebels ran over the Duke Blue Devils in the second half to win the school's first NCAA championship. The 1990 NCAA championship was UNLV's, and Duke staggered away with a run in which they ran away with the victory in front of a sellout crowd of more than 3,000 fans at Las Vegas Arena.

Although UNLV has failed to repeat its dominance of 30 years ago, so many people in Las Vegas have forgotten the team and the joy they brought to the city. The Golden Knights had a Stanley Cup run a few years ago, and though nothing compares to that championship, they won it 30 years ago. He said: 'Locals have been here for a long time.

The Rebels were part of the Hardway Eight when they reached the school's first Final Four in 1977, and they won the California Bowl in 1984. They were the only team to go unbeaten in 1990 when they won the national championship, but were later dumped out of the competition for not playing. Although the Rebels have faced adversity, they are one of the only teams still unbeaten in the Mountain West when they were knocked out by unbeaten San Diego State last season.

UNLV has been ranked in the top 10 of the Las Vegas Review-Journal College Football Playoff rankings for the past three seasons.

The Rebels have won a conference championship and an NCAA tournament appearance, losing both times in the first round. The 1990 Runnin 'Rebels basketball team defeated Duke University to win the first NCAA tournament title in history, its second in a row and its third in four years. They were the last team to participate in the NCAA Championship Tournament as a Mountain West Conference member before Wichita State joined in 2014. In the last three seasons, the Rebels made it to the NCAA tournament for the second time in school history, with two wins against top-10 teams in Conference USA and the Pac-12.

It was the team known as the "Hardway Eight" that put UNLV on the map as a nationally prominent program.

In 2008, Nike and UNLV signed a deal that made them one of the country's most popular sportswear brands. In that time, the Las Vegas Strip, a city of more than 1.5 million people, had something to call its own. Whether hotels, restaurants or shows on the Strip, this city has been the guest of these shows. With the best of all results, UNLV basketball put on the "best show" on the Las Vegas Strip, and it did.

In 2010, UNLV announced that the Mendenhall Center would be the Runnin 'Rebels' new training facility. The Rebel Softball team plays at Jim Rogers Field, which has 770 seats and is located on the UNLV campus. One of the most popular cheerleaders in the Las Vegas community are the UNVM cheerleaders, or UNV Rebel Girls. This team has performed at numerous events in and around Las Vegas and has performed at a variety of UN events, conventions and shows.

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